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Introducing: Storytime Yoga!

One of my goals for this year was to bring more yoga to more families within my community. And whilst my in house pre-school classes are going well, and I’m teaching more children than ever before, I feel like it’s time to level up and do more within the community. I have decided to bring more depth to pre-school yoga by offering sessions where parents are welcome to join in and learn a fun, new way to bond with their children.

I want parents to know how easy it is to connect with their children through yoga. They don’t need to be a trained yogi to do so, it can be as easy as reading a book!

And that’s when the idea of Storytime Yoga came to me.

I already have a huge collection of picture books that I use for my pre-school yoga classes. These picture books are well-known stories, that can be easily turned into a yoga adventure, simply by adding in yoga poses as you read! Most of these books are already sitting on shelves in family homes, so hopefully by attending Storytime Yoga Sessions, parents will see how easy it can be, and they will then be inspired to continue to practice yoga at home with their children.

Our sessions are open to children of all ages – due to the time of the sessions, school aged kids won’t be able to attend, however any child not yet at school will be able to join in. Babes in arms, crawlers, toddlers, walkers and runners are all welcome and encouraged to participate. We find that children aged 2+ will quite happily try the poses on their own, whereas younger children may need a little help from mum or dad with moving their bodies. Regardless of age, all children who participate will benefit from this mindful movement, as it enhances their balance, co-ordination, flexibility and strength.

Parents are also encouraged to participate, as they will receive the above benefits from the yoga practice, as well as learning calming and bonding skills to use with their children, including breathing exercises and mindfulness activities.

So come join us! Sessions will be held each Wednesday morning at 10am. We will visit different parks each week in the beautiful Sutherland Shire, bringing more yoga to more families in our area!

For more information, and to see where we are each week, please check out our Facebook Page.

Can't wait to see you there!

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