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Home - It has a whole new meaning

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Home. A word that I have been thinking a lot about this term. I have been lucky enough to call so many cool places home – from warm, loving households, to vibrant, fun city apartments – I’ve even called several different countries home at different points in my life. This word has come up a lot recently for me, but never before has this four letter word had so much meaning to me.

I have had the splendid opportunity to spend 7 years traveling and living abroad. Whilst living it up overseas, I’d often think about home and imagine what life would be like when I eventually returned. It would be a new chance for me to start with a clean slate and build my life into whatever I wanted. I began to imagine I would be living in a sun-filled apartment in Cronulla, living a chilled out, beach life. It took me almost 18 months after moving home, but I recently made this dream into a reality! As soon as I had changed that part of my life, and begun to feel settled and content in my home, other things started to fall into place, including new “homes” for Star Yoga.

I was very lucky to cross paths with Deb at Active Mind Body. I had contacted her to see if she was interested in adding children’s yoga classes to her already awesome lineup up of Reformer & Mat Pilates, Barre and Yoga at her studio, and I was greeted with such warmth and enthusiasm. The very first time we met, she said to me: “you sound like you’ve been all over the place, and just need a home.” My mouth dropped open, as those words repeated in my head. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? Star Yoga needs a home! It can be a huge shock to hear something so true from someone you are only meeting for the first time. Now Star Yoga has a real home. A beautiful, calm, relaxing space where I can hold weekly classes for children in our community. I cannot describe to you how awesome that feels!

Oddly enough, this isn’t the only time Star Yoga had been welcomed into a new home this term. I have started teaching yoga at a local pre-school, where the warmth and kindness there is beyond incredible. The educators are all so welcoming and friendly each time I’m in the centre; the participation from families has been amazing, (22 children signed up to class!! Wow!); And the director has been so helpful, supportive and has assured me that I am now part of the Bay Road Kindy family. It is such a delight to be able to also call this vibrant, fun kindy “home”.

It is incredibly heartwarming to be invited into someone’s home - whether it is an actual home, or a yoga studio, or pre-school. I have gone from feeling lost at the start of the year (without even really knowing it) to feeling that I have much more purpose and responsibility. I realise now that feeling “at home” is super important, because home means so much more than four walls and a roof – it can mean family, community, or a place to feel grounded, heard and supported.

So I urge you all now to ask yourself: What does home mean to you? And is your home (where you live) really what you want it to be? And if you feel that your vision or idea of home is not aligned with how you are currently living, what steps (even the smallest of steps) can you take to feel at home again?

Trust me when I say that this is something that you want to work on ASAP, because once you feel joy and content within your home, just imagine the wonderful joys you will attract into your life.

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