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24 Mindful Moments to have with your child in the lead up to Christmas

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Christmas is only a month away, and the countdown is on!

If you’re looking for a way to slow down all the noise and busyness that December brings, then this list is for you. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos around Christmas, and forget to slow down and enjoy quiet, meaningful moments with the family. So here are 24 ways you can take some time out of your day and have a mindful moment with your little ones. Some of these ideas will only take a minute or so, and others may take a bit longer - either way, they won't take up too much time out of your busy December days.

Being mindful means to be fully in the moment, being aware of the feelings, thoughts and sensations inside of you, as well as paying attention to the environment around you. So put your phone away, turn off or remove any distractions, and enjoy these special daily moments with your little one!

1. Have a mindful snack together, taking your time to describe the texture, smell and flavours of the food.

2. Take it in turns to list 5 body parts to “squeeze & let go”. (You do 5, then your child does 5).

3. Pick a song that you both know the words to & sing it together.

4. Brainstorm gift ideas together. “What gift would Grandma love to open up on Christmas Day?”

5. Shake a snow globe (or make your own glitter jar) and watch the pieces settle to the bottom. Our minds work in the same way – thoughts are rushing around, until we take a moment to pause, then we can see clearly.

6. Sit in a garden and pay attention to the wildlife (bugs and birds) going about their day.

7. Take it in turns to list 5 things you love about each other.

8. Do 5 big balloon breaths together.

9. With your hands on each other’s hearts, see if you can feel each other’s heart beats.

10. Lay outside and find shapes in the clouds.

11. Sit quietly and try to name all the sounds you can hear, starting from inside the house, to further away.

12. Prepare a plate of random snacks that you both love & take it in turns to be blindfolded & fed the snacks. Notice how different food tastes when you can’t see what you’re eating!

13. Lay down and do a body scan together, relaxing all the parts of your body from your head, down to your toes.

14. Sit in front of the Christmas tree and set the lights to flash at random intervals. Watch the rhythm of the lights change.

15. Pass a Christmas Bell to each other, very carefully, trying not to make a noise.

16. Lay out a string of tinsel on the ground and see if you can ‘tightrope walk’ along it with your eyes closed. Using only the touch of your feet as a guide.

17. Cuddle in close and see if you can match the rhythm of your breath.

18. Practice Santa Breath together. With your hands on your belly, take a deep breath in & let 3 short breaths out. Add a “Ho Ho Ho” to the outbreath so you sound like Santa.

19. Put some instrumental carols on and see if you can notice what instruments you can hear in the music.

20. Take a moment to notice 5 things happening in the world around you. “I can hear the sound of birds singing in the trees outside the window”

21. Create a 4 word mantra for each other. (Eg. I am so loved) and practice using the following hand movement: Tap your pointer finger and your thumb (I), then your middle finger and your thumb (AM), then your ring finger and your thumb (SO), then your pinky finger and your thumb (LOVED). Practice throughout the day.

22. Lay side by side with your backs on the floor and your legs up the wall. You can hold hands in this position and talk about your day, express any concerns, or talk about what you are both happy with.

23. Take it in turns to list as many things as you can think of that you are grateful for.

24. Take it in turns to list 5 people to send love and warm wishes to. You can extend this by adding why you’re sending these people love.

Enjoy the holidays!

Michelle xx

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